SPIRIT - How to become an industry partner

If you are viewing this page, you have already begun your commitment to addressing the issue of the IT gender gap. SPIRIT welcomes support from other industry partners who are interested in joining our team to make a difference. The following list has suggestions about the types of support we can use, but feel free to suggest other types of support:

  1. offering one or more paid internships for high school teachers who complete the SPIRIT program
  2. hosting one or more evening fun activities for the summer camp
  3. supplying a career speaker for the summer camp, including all travel costs for speaker
  4. providing giveaways for participants
  5. offering one or more paid internships for high school guidance counselors who complete the SPIRIT program
  6. hosting/leading a hands-on activity during the summer camp that illustrates how IT supports a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics area in a way that benefits society
  7. providing costs of transportation for off-campus activities
  8. donating cash to support activities that SPIRIT staff will design and implement for any of the programs
  9. providing college scholarship for outstanding student to be selected by SPIRIT staff
  10. donating one or more laptops to high school teacher's high school for use in Alice implementation
  11. providing professional quality video recording services and materials to capture the event and use in future promotional campaigns
  12. awarding a college scholarship to a high school student that successfully completes SPIRIT and studies a computing discipline in college
  13. sponsor a high school teacher attendee (~$3500/teacher)
  14. sponsor a high school counselor attendee (~$2000/counselor)

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