SPIRIT - Teachers' Sample Lessons

During SPIRIT program the high school teachers used Alice to develop Alice-based lessons for a specific unit that they teach. The sample work of teachers are now available. You can use use this search tool to look up sample work by school name, state, city ,year and subject in which SPIRIT program was offered.

You may view/download materials from any of the 75 teachers from 58 schools who completed the SPIRIT program in 2008, 2009, 2010, or 2012.

During these summer programs, an informal contest that rated the teachers' projects was conducted. The table shown below illustrates how you can visually recognize the first, second, and third place winners.

All materials made available on ITPossibilities.org (SPIRIT website) were submitted by participating SPIRIT teachers. The available materials represent works developed by the teachers themselves or their students. These materials may be used by members of the educational community to support their own instructional delivery or personal educational activities; however, these materials may NOT be disseminated to others without written permission. To request this permission, please send an email request to SPIRIT with your name, contact information, and purpose for use.

SPIRIT and staff do NOT take credit for creating any available materials listed as Teacher Samples.

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