SPIRIT - A Program about Computing for Teachers & Counselors: 8/22/14 and 8/25/14

If you are a high school teacher or guidance counselor, the SPIRIT program will introduce you to a variety of tools that you can use to enhance the delivery of your classroom lessons and/or engage student interest in learning. Additionally, you will learn about the wide-ranging opportunities that exist for students who pursue computing/Information Technology careers, including those that support your discipline.

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This year two, one-day programs will be offered. You are encouraged to bring a group of students to the program as well, but all of them must submit their own student applications from the student menu. You may complete the same sessions as your students OR attend a separate track for teachers only to teach you one tool, Alice, which has shown to be useful in many school subjects to share information as well as engage student interest. A modest budget is available to support travel costs for teachers coming with a group of five or more students.


Teachers abd counselors selected for SPIRIT receive the following benefits:

  1. Educational credit available (Professional Growth Points-PGPs)
  2. $100 stipend, subject to completion of all required activities, assessments and forms
  3. (Modest) support for travel for teachers bringing groups of students with them
  4. Breakfast and lunch are provided
  5. Instructional design support for your Alice-based lessons/animations during the program
  6. Certificate of completion
  7. Software, textbook, and sample Alice worlds


Teachers and counselors who apply to SPIRIT should meet the following requirements, if selected:

  1. Submit required paperwork and a nonrefundable $25 deposit
  2. Attend the entire on-campus program and complete all activities
  3. Bring sample subject content that may be converted to an Alice during the program
  4. Create at least two Alice-based lessons during the program for possible implementation during the school year
  5. During the school year, maintain contact with SPIRIT staff. The minimal communication includes reporting on the following activities:
    • Submit reflective logs and lesson plans to SPIRIT staff.
  6. Make your Alice-based lesson plans available to SPIRIT staff and other teachers via the SPIRIT website
  7. Agree to allow SPIRIT to use your likeness in promotional materials

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